Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is a Solutionist?

A Solutionist is someone who is regarded as the ultimate problem solver, a super hero who stands in the face of adversity and doesn't back down.

The trivial challenges of day to day life may slow them but it doesn't stop Solutionists from doing what needs to be done.

These modern day super heroes are equipped with a full array of unique abilities to get them through virtually any situation.

Here are is a breakdown of six super abilities of a Solutionist:

1. Possess a strong sense of optimism which allows them to truly believe that everything will work out well in the end;

2. Enhanced vision that allows them to focus on finding solutions to problems as opposed to being absorbed with the causes;

3. Heightened hearing that allows them to fully hear the concerns of others before they can restore calm and order;

4. Super speed that gives them the ability to respond quickly in a crisis situation;

5. The cape of perspective allows Solutionists to take flight and see the big picture;

6. Super shield of deflection repels negative energy which is channelled in a positive direction.

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